Welcome to The Glass Library, a fan blog dedicated to the Exalted tabletop roleplaying game, owned by White Wolf, published by Onyx Path Publishing and available on DriveThruRPG.

What is the purpose of this blog?

The goal of The Glass Library is to provide a wealth of homebrew material for Exalted players and storytellers. My goal is to provide regular content in order to explore new areas of Creation and provide players with more resources to customize their Exalted characters and stories. More importantly, this blog is meant to encourage Exalted fans to create their own homebrew content. User-generated content and game mods are an important part of the gaming experience – Blizzard Entertainment has made custom maps a core feature of Warcraft and Starcraft, Harebrained Schemes designed Shadowrun Returns to allow players to construct their own storylines and the Steam Workshop allows gamers to quickly and conveniently add mods to their games.

Where can I find what I’m looking for?

Each section has a table of contents for its sub-sections, so if you’re new to the blog, you can go through all the pages and read the descriptions until you find what you need, but if you already know what you’re looking for, you can use the navigation bar to go directly to it. Here’s a general breakdown of all the sections:

The Essays section contains my personal reflections on game design and the general role of the game’s mechanics and narratives. A lot of it is based on developer commentary, and I try to give the original quote whenever I use one.

The Mechanics section is where I put all the content focused on heavy mechanics. It’s where all the new Artifacts, Charms, Martial Arts Styles, Merits and Sorcery material can be found.

The Setting Material is where I keep all the fluff content, such as characters, locations and plot hooks. There is some mechanical content for character stats and the like, but it’s primarily aimed at supplementing setting content rather than standalone mechanics.

The Recent Updates will display the most recent posts. All updates will be posted to the front page, but if you don’t want to check the blog regularly, the Recent Updates page will tell you what you’ve missed.

The Fiction section contains the Exalted-related stories I’m writing.

The Links section has links to other websites relevant to Exalted.